Due to COVID-19, all training activities have been modified to fit into a Remote format. All the details can be found at the related training sections. Please have a look at the pre-requisites before enrolling. We’ve currently scheduled the activities to be carried over the first part of 2021. The platform will be updated in Spring to contain the courses for the second half of the year too.

ROTEM® Sigma Service

01 March 2021 09:00 – 03 March 2021 17:30
This event is online
Category: Acute Care Service


List of Standard service Tools
Philips screw drivers
Flat screw drivers
Allen Kit Metric
CD Player
Smart Glasses
USB pen
SAP CodeReagent Training Kit
000555202 or 000555201 ROTEM Sigma ROTROL P, 5/bx or ROTEM Sigma ROTROL N, 5/bx
000555501 Sigma Cartridge complete, 20/bx
SAP CodeService Tools
000555504S sigma System QC Cartridge
000118712S sigma service tool kit
000200183S Dynamometric Screwdriver
000211000 Sigma Device
SAP CodeSpare Parts
W21COTTONFIOC Cotton fioc
W21ISO Isopropyl Alchhol Cleaner
- Sigma sw 5.0.0
000400093S delta all, sigma Ball bearing, 4 pcs.
000400599S delta, sigma all, Cir clip axis, 10 pcs.


Day 1 (9am - 3pm)

  • Welcome to attendees
  • Mywerfen
  • Introduction to EEMEAI
  • Type of cartridge
  • QC
  • How to perform a test
  • Rotem Live


Day 2 (9am - 2:30pm)

  • Sigma Panel
  • Printer installation
  • Backup and restore
  • Software installation
  • Sigma Hardware
  • Sample handler
  • Maintenance (first 2 parts)


Day 2 (9am -1:30pm)

  • Sigma maintenance (form 6 parts)
  • Maintenance simulation
  • Analysis results and discussion
  • Final test Rotem Sigma
  • Open Discussion


Interconnect PCBs






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