Due to COVID-19, all training activities have been modified to fit into a Remote format. All the details can be found at the related training sections. Please have a look at the pre-requisites before enrolling. We’ve currently scheduled the activities to be carried over the first part of 2021. The platform will be updated in Spring to contain the courses for the second half of the year too.

Dear Werfen Partner,

The new 2019 EEMEAI Training Calendar is now ready!

We propose training courses performed in Milano (Italy), Barcelona and Lliçà d’Amunt (Spain), as well as in Dubai (UAE).

All the training courses have been redesigned to meet your requests and needs.

We offer the option of online reservation to enroll to our seminars.

Please be aware that:

• Every training course has a minimum number of participants.

• Enrollment to Milan training courses is set to be closed 2 weeks before the training starting day.

• Enrollment to Dubai training courses is set to be closed 4 weeks before the training starting day.

• Every distributor can enroll one person per training course.

• Participants are going to be informed via email both when the training course is being confirmed and when it is cancelled.

• Those who request VISA are going to get the needed documentation to apply within a couple of days from their enrollment. THIS IS NOT A CONFIRMATION OF THE TRAINING COURSE BEING ACTUALLY HELD.

• Those who enroll but cannot actually take part to the training course, are kindly requested to communicate any variation.

As usual, you will find in the same year plan both courses for Application and Service, divided by business unit:

• Coagulation

• Acute Care

• Clinical Chemistry

• Autoimmunity

• Clinical Software

Check our calendar and be the first to register to the Werfen training!

We are looking forward to meeting soon you in the Werfen facilities worldwide! EEMEAI Team


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