Due to COVID-19, all training activities have been cancelled until further notice. This platform will be updated according to how things will evolve in the upcoming weeks.


28 September 2020 09:00 – 02 October 2020 18:00
Location: Systelab Technologies - Barcelona, Can Montcau, Lliçà d'Amunt, Catalogna, Spagna
Category: Clinical Software
This training is intended for Service Technicians and IT Specialists. It is ideal to have both specialists in a pair attending the training. If there is no IT specialist in the organization, a Service Technician with a strong computer background or knowledge is preferred. All attendees are required to bring their laptops to the training.

Day 1 HemohHub


  • Welcome and Introduction


  • HemoHub Project Management


  • HemoHub architecture & installation, HW & SW


  • specs


  • Licenses


  • Hands-on:
    • Setup of virtual environment
    • Software installation


  • How to import and export the database. Backup.


  • Hands-on:
    • Import/Export. Backup


  • HemoHub Application overview. Home Screen: Instruments, Result
    • Status and Direct Access Tiles
    • KPI's & Statistical Reports


Day 2 HemoHub

  • Basic ASTM and HL7 host protocols


  • LIS connection configuration. Host conversion tables


  • ASTM and HL7 Simulators (HOST, Track & TOP)


  • Understanding Multionline and Logs


  • Hands-on:
    • Request creation via host interface, cancellation, reject/rerun tests


  • ACL TOP Interface configuration


  • Instrument Status Interface configuration


  • Hands-on:
    • Connection of TOP to HemoHub (without Inst. Status)


  • LIS Extended Protocol


Day 3 Hemohub


  • General configuration overview


  • Advanced Configuration:
    • Scheduled tasks
    • Tests and Instruments, Routes & Clot Curves
    • Techniques, Rules
    • Profiles & Test Groups. Patient Types


  • Order & Patient Management


  • Result Management & Request Workflow


  • Hands-on:
    • Manual Order creation and patient assignment
    • Rules: Register, Validation and Manipulation rules
    • Clot curves, analyzer reports


  • QC Configuration & Setup


  • Hands-on:
    • QC results: configuration and simulation
    • QC transmission to LIS


  • Details on other new features (TFH and host queries, document management, etc.)


  • Sample Bank, Worklist, Other Tools (Access Log, Documentation & Reports)


  • HemoHub v1.5.0 / v1.6.0: Introduction to new features


  • Troubleshooting


  • HemoHub Training Quiz























Day 4 HemoCell


  • ACL TOP LAS - Track communications protocol


  • TCA basic concepts: modules


  • HemoHub as HemoCell manager (with TCA summary)


  • HemoCell Connectivity & Configuration


  • Hands-on:
    • Racks/Trays configuration in TCA
    • Routes definition
    • Understanding TCA messages. Connection simulation



  • Checkpoints: definition and Rules


  • Visit to the IL TCA Installation (only at IL facilities with an available track)












Day 5 HemoCell

  • Hands-on (only at IL facilities with an available track):
    • Run batch of samples in HemoCell (complete workflow)


  • Hands-on: TCA connections (Server and Client)
    • Sample query message in TCA Entry. Simulation.
      • DIR-1, ST-XXX, ...
    • Define and simulate Checkpoints


  • Common HemoCell scenarios in HemoHub V 1.5.0


  • HemoCell Training Quiz



































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