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(CANCELLED) ACL TOP® Routine + Specialities Application

31 March 2020 09:00 – 07 April 2020 17:00
Location: Werfen - Milano, Viale Monza 338, Milano, Lombardia, Italy
Category: Hemostasis Application

Day 1

Welcome to Participants

Introduction and Objectives

Company presentation

  • Strategy
  • Product Portfolio

Hemostasis Overview

  • Physiological principles: Primary hemostasis, Coagulation factors, Coagulation Inhibitors (PC, PS, AT), Fibrinolysis (D-Dimer)
  • Clinical principles: Bleeding and Thrombosis
  • Hemostasis Laboratory organization
  • Hemostasis business overview

Bleeding testing

  • PT, APTT and Fibrinogen testing
  • Result Expression (sec, %activity, INR)
  • Normal ranges/Reference ranges
  • Clinical considerations

Quality Control

  • Precision, Accuracy, Variability
  • Assayed Controls and limitation
  • External proficiency Surveys

Day 2

General presentation of the ACL TOP Family

Technical ACL TOP Family presentation

  • Hardware general description
  • Software general description
  • Pre-Analytical checks on ACL TOP 50 Series

System Configuration

  • Switch on, Log on and system set-up
  • Test Activation, Result unit selection, entering reference values and ranges
  • Material setting (lots, expiration dates, lot dependent values)
  • QC setup (targets, acceptance ranges, acceptance criteria)
  • Test/QC profiles, Reflex Tests configuration
  • Interface configuration

Routine Test Analysis (First Level)

  • Daily MaintenancePreparing Routine reagents (PT, APTT, Fib)
  • Loading of materials (reagents, diluents, solutions, cuvettes)
  • Performing and revising Calibrations
  • Performing and revising Quality Controls
  • Review of reaction curves

Day 3

Anticoagulant treatment monitoring

  • Anticoagulant treatment
  • Warfarin monitoring
  • Heparin testing
  • Direct Oral Anticoagulants
  • Clinical considerations

Thrombosis and D-Dimer

  • Thrombosis
  • D-Dimer clinical application
  • Comparison with competitors

Routine Test Analysis (Second Level)

  • Perform Sample Analysis
  • Review Results
  • Database configuration and filtering
  • Reaction Curve review
  • Simulation of clinical samples
  • Troubleshooting and most common errors

Day 4

Extra features:

  • Detailed Reaction Curve analysis
  • Export results, Statistical analysis, Test Counters, Maintenance procedures
  • Backup/Restore procedures
  • Import/Export



Value Selling Concept

Commercial Considerations

  • Archimede file (Tender excel sheet calculator)
  • Tender specifications

Group Exercise

Final Quiz and Certification

Specialty Training (ACL TOP Family and Reagents)

Day 5

Thrombophilia testing solution

  • Who to test, When to test, What test?
  • PC pathway testing (PC, PS, APCR)
  • AT testing
  • Antiphospholipid Syndrome (APS): Lupus anticoagulant and antiphospholipid antibodies
  • Homocysteine
  • Comparison with competitors
  • Clinical considerations

Thrombophilia testing

  • Setting of specialty Thrombophilia Tests
  • Run tests: setup, configuration, calibration, QC, analysis, result review

Other Tests

  • Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia
  • Clinical and Laboratory aspects of HIT
  • Comparison with competitors

Day 6

Second level bleeding

  • Von Willebrand Factor testing
  • Factor assay and Parallelism
  • Comparison with competitors

Bleeding factors testing

  • Setting of specialty Bleeding Tests
  • Review of the set-up flow: configuration, calibration, QC, analysis, result review

System Comparison

  • How to perform a system comparison. General information

On-demand topics:

  • Alternate Lot function
  • Parallelism simulation
  • APCR Settings
  • User Defined Tests

Final Quiz and Certification


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