Due to COVID-19, all training activities have been modified to fit into a Remote format. All the details can be found at the related training sections. Please have a look at the pre-requisites before enrolling. We’ve currently scheduled the activities to be carried over the first part of 2021. The platform will be updated in Spring to contain the courses for the second half of the year too.

Dear Werfen Partner,

The new 2021 EEMEAI Training Calendar is now ready!

Due to the pandemic situation all the training courses have been redesigned to an on-line format to continue supporting your requests and needs.

We offer the option of an-online reservation to enrol our seminars.

Please be aware that:

Every training course has a minimum and a maximum number of participants. Please refer to each training description for further details.

 Enrolment will be closed 3 weeks prior to training starting date.

 Due to the limited number of seats, every distributor can enrol one person per training, unless additional slots are available after closing the registration.

 Before enrolling, please check the list of pre-requisites and make sure that you have everything needed. Please refer to each training description for further details. The organizers will contact the participants to ensure that the minimum requirements for each course are fulfilled, otherwise attendees may be excluded from the present training.

 Confirmations will be sent two weeks in advance to all participants with a formal invitation. In case the training is cancelled, the organizers will inform the participants via email too.

 Those who enrol but for some reason will not be able to attend the trainings, are kindly requested to communicate any variation to the organizers.

 In order to get Werfen Certificates at the end of the training, the participants should attend all the sessions, pass all the tests and complete the assignments to demonstrate the achievement of the objectives of the course.

 In the case of Remote sessions, the participants should always keep their cameras on and demonstrate to be fully devoted to the training.

Looking forward to seeing you remotely!

Best Regards & #STAYSAFE




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